The Corinthians Endowment Fund is the charitable arm of The Corinthains Association, which is a non-commercial membership association of amateur yachtsmen. The primary objectives of The Corinthians are to promote sailing, encourage good fellowship among yachtsmen afloat and ashore, and to introduce non-boat-owning amateur sailors and boat owners requiring crew. The Corinthians are concerned with both beginner and expert sailors.

The Corinthans Endowment Fund was organized in the late 1980’s to receive tax-deductible donations and to make grants to support events and activities consonant with the mission of the fund and approved by the fund’s board of trustees. As set forth in the fund’s by-laws, the fund’s purposes include fostering yachting, supporting and developing amateur athletes for such competition, and encouraging, promoting, and teaching the science of seamanship and navigation.


Daniel P. Benfield, President
John A. Kiszkiel VP & Secretary
Kevin W. Hughes, Treasurer
Barbara Dennis, Trustee
Rodney Devine, Trustee
Walter C. Kress, Trustee
Thomas H. Lane, Trustee
Jessica Wood, Trustee